Vacuum Plus Manufacturing, Inc. is one of the top suppliers of weldment vacuum chambers in the US. We have been manufacturing stainless steel and aluminum vacuum chambers and components for the semi-conductor, thin-film, optics, solar, data storage & display for more than 20 years now and we are known for our quality work, our ability to build large vacuum chambers.

Located in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, just North of Boston, we are just a short distance to any location in the US and can easily ship product abroad for our customers.

Although our quality is among the highest in the industry, our prices are competitive. We build chambers for many of the top names in our industry and several US National Laboratories.

No one does vacuum chambers better than Vacuum Plus Manufacturing, Inc. We can engineer and fabricate chambers up to 9' in diameter. Looks, functionality, on-time and to your specifications - all with a price that is sure to satisfy.

Contact us for a quote or to set up an appointment today. Our team is ready to serve you.


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